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COVID-19 Wedding Planner Info | Le Festin Events

What seemed like something thousands of miles away could possibly be contained and something which we needn’t really have to worry about. Your venue has long been selected, vendors are lined up and paid, and for many, the countdown to the big day had already begun.

You are our clients and we very much care for you and your event – seriously.

It is a blessing that most of our clients have a candid relationship with us - we are thankful, so now, we'd like to make sure that we have you updated. I know that you may be worried and may not be entirely sure of what to do at this time.

Here is what we do know and what the events industry is going through; we are all cautious of the news, preparing for postponements and cancellations, and we’re taking it one step at a time. I cannot write about exactly what my wonderful colleagues are doing, but I can let you know our stand on recent events.

  • We will leave it to you to make an informed decision on whether you would like to postpone your wedding, and we will uphold our contract regarding Date Changes.

  • We are cautious and watch reliable CDC updates, reliable world, nation and state news daily.

  • We will let you know if we learn of anything that would impede on your event.

  • We are taking care of ourselves and following health and sanitary precautions.

  • If we feel that it is best not to have an in-person meeting, we will be honest and request a meeting via video conference of phone.

  • We are prepared to show and do an excellent job at your wedding, and give you support through these days leading up to it. The only time which we will not be able to fulfill this is if there is a government mandate that forbids us to hold the event (to date, there is no such mandate) or if we genuinely feel that our well-being are at great risk.

  • We are always your confidantes and prepared to chat when you want or need to, even if you just need to vent and drink a glass of wine with someone on the phone.

  • Lastly - we have many rolls of toilet paper and didn’t even have to fight anyone for them.

Now that you know where we stand, I’d like to give you a few things to think about or do:

  • Keep yourselves healthy and out of harm’s way – I mean, this is a given, right? Regardless of whether you believe this virus is a real threat to the population or blown out of proportion, we would love for you to stay healthy!

  • We do not know yet what will happen in the coming weeks/months – stay positive!

  • If you have not hired us for a full plan package and you think there is a possibility of a postponement, re-read your contracts and highlight information regarding date changes. If there is no date change information on contracts, email your vendors to document their policies.

  • If your wedding is in April or May, which may be when we see the virus to be the most widespread (this from China’s and Italy’s timeline) and want to move forward with your wedding after very careful consideration, be sure to work with us to create a plan to ensure all vendors and guests who attend your event are healthy; also prepare for a drop in your guest count.

  • If you already have guest cancellations, be thoughtful of their health. We never truly know what people go through mentally or are/have gone through physically, especially our elders.

We hope that this strange and crazy days soon end, but until then – don’t hesitate one bit to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Sending LOVE.

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