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OH, you done did it now! We’re going to dive into cannabis. This post will take you through California laws (italicized), some really cool educational links (click on them, seriously) and some advice.

As soon as Prop 64 passed, I think every Californian who knew about the bill knew that this would change our state. Whether you are a supporter or think the bill is a terrible idea, there is one fact; the bill has passed and it is here, therefore I strongly believe it is in everyone's best interest to educate themselves.

Le Festin Events is now a part of a progressive group of businesses offering canna-friendly weddings and private events. We are a proud member of the First 420 Wedding Pioneers with Love and Marij. So, come with me on a journey to cannabis, weddings, and education!

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In these past couple of decades there has been a major shift in thoughts about cannabis. There are now connoisseurs and bud tenders, a variety of strains for various needs, high-profile chefs, various ways of consumption, and above all – better education, including acceptance in its great medicinal properties. So, I think it is about time we truly begin to look at cannabis in a light where we remove the stigma and spend time educating the public. The funny thing is, with all of the terrible things that have been embedded in people’s brains about cannabis, I think there will actually be more education about it that there is on alcohol. That is pretty damn ironic, because I have known more people who got in their cars tipsy, than I know people who get in their cars high.

What I am trying to say is… lighten up people. I know everyone from artists, business owners, doctors to successful lawyers who toke. From someone who runs a respected business, has an awesome family, embraces life to the fullest, and tries to help others, and just so happen to smoke a bit of weed on occasion… we’ll all be ok! California isn’t going to fall into a billowing smoke of ganja.

NOW, how can you incorporate cannabis into weddings?

First thing is first. Prop 64 has grey areas on growth of marijuana, and sales of marijuana and marijuana products, as these are ultimately based on a city-by-city basis. However, there are very clear regulations that are now in effect. Let’s check out what would affect your wedding or event.

LOCATION. Keep is safe. As of 2016, you can share and consume marijuana legally on a private residence. If there are people under 21 present, or if you care that some of your guests would flip their lids at the sight of cannabis, I would highly suggest that you ensure partaking is done away and separately from your main wedding areas.

“11362.3. (a) Nothing in Section 11362.1 shall be construed to permit any person to: (1) Smoke or ingest marijuana or marijuana products in any public place, except in accordance with Section 26200 of the Business and Professions Code. (2) Smoke marijuana or marijuana products in a location where smoking tobacco is prohibited. (3) Smoke marijuana or marijuana products within 1,000 feet of a school, day care center, or youth center while children are present at such a school, day care center, or youth center, except in or upon the grounds of a private residence or in accordance with Section 26200 of the Business and Professions Code or Chapter 3.5 of Division 8 of the Business and Professions Code and only if such smoking is not detectable by others on the grounds of such a school, day care center, or youth center while children are present.”

“Local Control 26200. (a) Nothing in this division shall be interpreted to supersede or limit the authority of a local jurisdiction to adopt and enforce local ordinances to regulate businesses licensed under this division, including, but not limited to, local zoning and land use requirements, business license requirements, and requirements related to reducing exposure to second hand smoke, or to completely prohibit the establishment or operation of one or more types of businesses licensed under this division within the local jurisdiction. (b) Nothing in this division shall be interpreted to require a licensing authority to undertake local law enforcement responsibilities, enforce local zoning requirements, or enforce local licensing requirements. (c) A local jurisdiction shall notify the bureau upon revocation of any local license, permit, or authorization for a licensee to engage in commercial marijuana activity within the local jurisdiction. Within ten (10) days of notification, the bureau shall inform the relevant licensing authorities. Within ten (10) days of being so informed by the bureau, the relevant licensing authorities shall commence proceedings under Chapter 3 of this Division to determine whether a license issued to the licensee should be suspended or revoked. (d) Notwithstanding paragraph (1) of subdivision (a) of Section 11362.3 of the Health and Safety Code, a local jurisdiction may allow for the smoking, vaporizing, and ingesting of marijuana or marijuana products on the premises of a retailer or microbusiness licensed under this division if: (1) Access to the area where marijuana consumption is allowed is restricted to persons 21 years of age and older; 39 (2) Marijuana consumption is not visible from any public place or non-age restricted area; and (3) Sale or consumption of alcohol or tobacco is not allowed on the premises.”

ALLOWANCE. An adult (21 and over), can share up to 28.5 grams of flower/bud and 8 grams of concentrated cannabis, including edibles with other persons over the age of 21. 28.5 grams is an ounce, and that is A LOT of weed.

“11362.1. (a) Subject to Sections 11362.2, 11362.3, 11362.4, and 11362.45, but notwithstanding any other provision of law, it shall be lawful under state and local law, and shall not be a violation of state or local law, for persons 21 years of age or older to: (1) Possess, process, transport, purchase, obtain, or give away to persons 21 years of age or older without any compensation whatsoever, not more than 28.5 grams of marijuana not in the form of concentrated cannabis; 6 (2) Possess, process, transport, purchase, obtain, or give away to persons 21 years of age or older without any compensation whatsoever, not more than eight grams of marijuana in the form of concentrated cannabis, including as contained in marijuana products;…”

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VEHICLE SAFETY. It is illegal to drive a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. Personally, I would say this is one of the most important parts of the law. If there is a spike in marijuana-related accidents, then this will give ammunition to those who view marijuana negatively. Do us all a favor and don’t be a jackass.

“11362.45. Nothing in section 11362.1 shall be construed or interpreted to amend, repeal, affect, restrict, or preempt: (a) Laws making it unlawful to drive or operate a vehicle, boat, vessel, or aircraft, while smoking, ingesting, or impaired by, marijuana or marijuana products, including, but not limited to, subdivision (e) of Section 23152 of the Vehicle Code, or the penalties prescribed for violating those laws.”

EDIBLES SAFETY. You should also note that the passing of Prop 64 includes very strict edible labeling and marketing procedures, one of which includes ensuring that edibles should not be mistaken as “regular” foods to keep children safe. Check out this article from CNN. If you plan to bring edibles to your canna-friendly wedding, I urge you to ensure that there is no way for children to get a hold of them. I also urge you to make sure that you and your guests totally understand how potent your edibles are. I have found, along with many others, that edibles (pardon my French) can really f*ck you up and give you a bad time. So please make sure your guests are aware to wait for effects and do not overconsume. It would be wise to fully educate yourself and your guests of your edibles before they consume.

“26120. (a) Prior to delivery or sale at a retailer, marijuana and marijuana products shall be labeled and placed in a resealable, child resistant package. (b) Packages and labels shall not be made to be attractive to children.”

“26130. (a) Marijuana products shall be: (1) Not designed to be appealing to children or easily confused with commercially sold candy or foods that do not contain marijuana. (2) Produced and sold with a standardized dosage of cannabinoids not to exceed ten (10) milligrams tetrahydrocannabinol per serving. (3) Delineated or scored into standardized serving sizes if the marijuana product contains more than one serving and is an edible marijuana product in solid form. (4) Homogenized to ensure uniform disbursement of cannabinoids throughout the product. (5) Manufactured and sold under sanitation standards established by the Department of Public Health, in consultation with the bureau, for preparation, storage, handling and sale of food products. (6) Provided to customers with sufficient information to enable the informed consumption of such product, including the potential effects of the marijuana product and directions as to how to consume the marijuana product, as necessary. (b) Marijuana, including concentrated cannabis, included in a marijuana product manufactured in compliance with law is not considered an adulterant under state law.”

SMOKING / VAPING SAFETY. Along with past and present tokers, you may have some curious adults (21 and over – I can’t stress this enough) who may want to partake for the first time. Since everyone will be adults, it’s good to step it up a notch and ensure your guests feel comfortable, and safe. Aside from available on-site education, it would also be good to ensure the cannabis area is warm, cozy and with good folk. I may add some sweet tunes, hydration and munchies never hurts anybody! Be certain that you also have access to a ride back to homes and hotels, whether by car hire, shuttles, Uber or taxi.

KEEP IT CLASSY. Ok, this has nothing to do with the law, but more from my wedding planning perspective. I view cannabis a little like alcohol in terms of wedding and private events. It’s an accoutrement and a bit of entertainment, all with safety in mind. I have had a couple of canna-friendly weddings in the past and, in both instances, most people didn’t even realize ganja was on premises. You don’t need to plaster the wall with marijuana leaves to prove a point that you are canna-friendly, unless this is what you really want to do. You really can incorporate it in subtle ways. Your flowers? A bud bar? Favors? The sky is certainly not the limit, but this is a great to get in touch with creativity.

VOILA – there you have it. My thoughts, some laws – let’s make your wedding badass.

Want to get geeky with me? HERE is interesting information on marijuana effect on your brain and body, while HERE is interesting information on alcohol.

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